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"K&B Sodas is growing. But in order to do that we need your help. When we launched in 2015 our goal was to provide a real natural ingredient Ginger Beer that focused on freshness of taste and supreme quality. Two years later, we're looking to take the next step and grow our footprint in the DC metropolitan area. For a simple donation of $33 you can receive a limited addition K&B Sodas T-shirt and have the peace of mind of knowing that you helped make an aspiring young entrepreneurs dreams come true."



Founded 2015:  The First Bottled Ginger Brew Made in D.C.


This story begins back in 2012 when founder Andrew Shapiro helped a friend open a restaurant.  He created a Caribbean-style Ginger Brew for his house-made soda menu that quickly became a hit and was highly sought after by locals in the DC area. After three years of serving many glasses of ginger brew and many ginger-brew-based cocktails, Andrew began bottling the brew with the encouragement of friends and regulars,  In 2015 he launched K & B Sodas with a commitment to using all natural ingredients and focusing on flavor quality.


Paying homage to 1950s world-class canoers Ken and Bob, who were believed to be connoisseurs of fine beverages, K & B Sodas are hand-brewed in small batches to ensure maximum quality and superior taste.  K & B harkens back to an era when sodas were made with pride and quality mattered. Our Ginger Brew combines fresh-squeezed ginger and lemon juice, brown cane sugar, white peppercorns, and filtered water to create an all-natural and unique tasting ginger brew with a kick that is not quite a ginger soda and not quite a ginger beer.  Its spiced flavor makes it the perfect mixer for a cocktail, the base of a mulled cider or to be simply enjoyed by itself as a refreshing alternative to other “ginger” flavored sodas.






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